Life Of Gan "RootHealers " Pretty Pink

Thank you for joining our page , We hope to make you feel at home. "RootHealers" to the left are from Life Of Gan, A Home Decor Brand with the perfect blend of Health and Fashion. They are worn all over the globe as we ship internationally. Handcrafted entirely from roots to connect you back to the Earth. Similar shoes can be shown worn in ancient times. Please check our products and services and email us for any questions. Info@RoseSanctuary.Org

KEMET SPORT "Ankh Water"

Kemet Sport "Ankh Water" sold exclusively at the Rose Sanctuary. Life changing discovery in health. Water is the highest healer and we provide the purest. Magnetized , purified and structured 5 Electron Deuterium Depleted water . Discovery what other people are learning about and making it part of their lives.