The Rose Sanctuary, Based in Ridgewood, NY and Washington, DC is a place for alternative therapies in regards to assisting in the removal of disease. We aim to provide various products to support these treatments and for those looking to enhance their spiritual and physical health on a daily basis. Become apart of our #EternalTribe and grow with us on this beautiful journey in Soul, Spiritual and Self purification to the highest healing.


Ahayah YahSiraa  N,D  Spiritual Scientist who is learned in Herbal Remedies, water purification and the arts.  He has spent several years expanding his mind through various spiritual practices and study of natural elements.  Book an appointment or purchase a life changing product today. 

Join our tribe, Learn what it feels to be truly alive




We do not claim to heal or cure diseases from a medical standpoint. Our results are speaking from a scientific aspect only. NIH.GOV tested and confirmed deuterium depleted water.